Coconut oil has many benefits; it is packed with nutrients and vitamins that make it extremely moisturising for the skin and hair.

As many of you may know, during a sickle cell crisis, patients are administered strong opioids such as morphine which tends to dry the skin and hair out. Using coconut oil during this period can help soothe the dryness and itchiness.  – Especially in the freezing cold weather.

It can also be used all over the body and help with scars caused by the needles during blood tests and the ones used to administer IV fluids.

As a token of appreciation to our service users, Tropical Sun has kindly gifted some Coconut oil to give away to some of you guys. To have a chance to get your hands on some, simply leave us a comment below sharing your tips on how you use coconut oil.

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  1. Carôle Ceres

    I use coconut oil All. The. Time! I used to be a ‘butters’ person (& I still do use them), but coconut oil is a perfect all rounder! I have a regular spa routine now: Hydrotherapy pool, steam room and hot shower. Because of my mobility issues, these water treatments really help me. Afterwards using I bottle of coconut oil, deals with all of my moisturising needs – from my head (leaving it soft, shiny and silky), right through to my heels – again soft and not hard. One bottle literally does everything! I find it fantastic for preventing my hands from drying out and aging.

    I would recommend coconut oil to everyone (add it to your butters if you don’t want too much oil, by I have dry skin, so it’s never too much)! 😊

  2. Margaret

    Having had my 3rd hip replacement operation two months ago I have been using coconut oil for the past 5-6 weeks and the scar area is hydrated, smooth and shiney with skin colour back.

  3. kojo darkeh

    I use coconut oil for my 11 year old son who is a sickle cell warrior. It releases him from constipation and allows him the freedom to eat well. He dislikes taking it raw so sometimes we drop in a little honey. The positive effect of coconut oil in all cases is amazing.

  4. D

    Sorry to hear this. Your best option would be to talk to doctors, limit intake of meats, and increase veggies as part of diet. Eliminating meats from my diet saved my life. Not sure it could do the same for him.

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